We Believe ...

Capital Z is a curation of fashion and home accents that embody chic style, versatility, and a touch of the unexpected. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that our products become the finishing touches that enhance and compliment your personal style with ease. Capital Z helps our customers break free of the status quo, by suggesting and providing craft lifestyle pieces that transcend mere trends and connect women across the globe.

Our Story

After 10 years working in digital content creation at The Motherchic and sharing our favorite products with hundreds of thousands of women, we were compelled to create our own brand. Over the years we’ve touched, wear-tested, and styled products from countless brands, all the while documenting which pieces resonated with our audience. Through years of dialogue with our audience about fashion, we like to think we have some good insight into the industry and what pieces make people feel happy and confident. That is the goal, right? Capital Z brings an assortment of well-designed finishing touches that make the most basic outfit styled with minimal effort. We believe that home decor is an extension of personal style. Our home collection and home fragrances are designed to bring a chic yet playful vibe into your home whether you are entertaining, unwinding or doing everything and anything in between.