Meet Megan: Customer Spotlight!

Meet Megan: Customer Spotlight!

Posted by Lindsey Schuster on

Capital Z Megan

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you live? What you do for fun?
I live in the mountains in Colorado. My husband and I have two boys and we enjoy an active lifestyle! We ski, hike, bike, and also love to travel as much as possible.
How would you describe your style, and how does Capital Z complement it?
I love a little bit of everything.. I love a good neutral- but am also strongly attracted to bright happy colors! Especially in the winter months here! Colorado enjoys a lot of sunshine, but also a lot of snow. So your products work well for me- neutrals with such happy pops of colors! Love it!!
What is your favorite Capital Z product? 
Hard to narrow down.. with all the sun I use your hats the most for sun protection. But I am clearly a Capital Z bag Junkie 🤗 and haven’t met a product yet that I don’t absolutely love!
Are there specific features or functionalities that you find especially valuable?
Your bags are so well thought out! I can tell women designed them knowing what is needed with carrying for families, and accessibility! 😉
Is there something you'd love to see from our brand in the future?
I’m always excited to see new products and colors you come up with! Some bright blues or turquoise maybe? For living in the mountains, I also love everything sea/beach related as well!
If you could magically teleport to any place in the world right now wearing one of our accessories, where would it be, and which accessory would you choose?
Any island would do for me 😉 I would definitely take one of your sling bags and hats for hands free fun and sun protection!
In one word, how does Capital Z make you feel?
Huge thanks to Megan for sharing her thoughts with us! We love getting to know our customers! If you want to be part of the next customer spotlight, email us at

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